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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In Your Face Google!

Facebook is now the most visited site on the web, surpassing Google in 2010, and also the most searched word with search engines. Sharon Gaudin reports the following at Computerworld:

"Facebook, which had a flood of good and bad publicity last year, grabbed 8.93% of all U.S. visits between January and November 2010. Google, which had been in the top spot in 2009, slipped to the No. 2 position with 7.19% of all visits, Hitwise said.

The analytics firm also reported that Yahoo! Mail came ranked third with 3.52% of all visits, while the main Yahoo! site was fourth with 3.3%. YouTube rounded out the top five with 2.65% of all site visits."
Still, Google's numbers are impressive. Gaudin also reports that U. S. users spent 4.1 million minutes on Facebook as compared to 39.8 million on Google.

Related story: my son is playing a video game and expressing loud, colorful frustration at wasting an hour of "work" because he pressed the wrong button and hadn't saved what he'd done before. I asked, Work? It's a video game. He said, You're one to talk dad. You blog all the time.

Well played son. Well played.

For those of you new to Facebook, you'll want to watch this instructional video:

Here's a British take on Facebook, and it's brilliant!

And finally, the darker side of Google:

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